10 Amazingly Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home Over The Holidays

It’s the holidays and what better way to spend it than to conduct science experiments; experiments that leave your hands all gooey and icky. Or how about experiments that seem like magic when you perform them in front of your friends?

Here are our top 10 favourite experiments you can conduct at home. (With all safety precautions in place)

1. Make Lava Art Why spend so much on a lava lamp when you can make one in your own room. With the right materials, amaze yourself and your friends with this cool trick.

2. Make Water Disappear Believe it or not, you can really make water disappear just by using something that babies use on a daily basis.

3. Make A Homopolar Motor In case you never knew how easy it was to make something spin.

Or how about some variation with these homopolar toys

4. Make A Static Electricity Bell Watch the effects of static electricity as demonstrated by this adorable amateur scientist and his apprentice in the form of his sister.

5. Floating Rings Perform some “magic” with some simple science. Make objects hover magically with the use of static electricity.

6. Secret Milk Learn to code your messages and evade the prying eyes of parents and teachers by sending your letters written in a very unexpected ink.


7. Make Slimy Slime Have a great time mashing and kneading together slime.


8. Upside Down Water Prove to your friends that you can make water defy gravity.

9. Walking Water Make water walk and learn about absorption at the same time.

10. Make a Cloud in a Jar Recreate the atmosphere with this cool experiment. Disclaimer: Any handling of fire should be done with the assistance of an adult.

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