The Chinese Culture, Speech & Drama Programme is a uniquely interesting series that aims to enrich the learning curriculum of pre-schoolers. The programme will help to cultivate interest and love for Chinese Culture in children from a young age, through familiarisation and a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and arts.

The programme content covers five areas, which are the spoken language, customary traditions, written language(evolution), Chinese folk art and craft, and cultural performances to engage children in a creative learning process. In order to inculcate interest in learning the Chinese language, creative content such as dramatic performance, song and dance, recitals, games and cultural activites are utilised to the benefit of participating children.

Some of the benefits that children will gain from the programme include improved language expression abilities, bolder dramatic performance abilities and development of imaginative and creative thinking skills.

Chinese Speech & Drama Training

  • Group Storytelling & Performance

Chinese folk Art & Craft

  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Blow painting
  • Chinese Opera Face Mask

The Interesting Evolution of Chinese written characters

End-of-Year Performance