Enrichment Programs for your child

We are also pleased to inform you that we have introduced several new and exciting programs at our Centre for your child.   Your child can attend these programs after the PSLE, to keep him/her engaged and to prepare for the more difficult curriculum in Secondary 1.   These programs are:

  1. Intelligence Development Program (10 sessions)

This fascinating computer based program can indeed bring out the best in your child while having great fun.This program helps to improve his/her Maths, memory, process skills and overall intelligence.

For whom:    Primary 4 up to adults


–          Develop and enhance problem solving, thinking and evaluation skills
–          Score higher in Maths by developing verbal and non-verbal reasoning and logic
–          Improved memory and processing skills by visual and auditory memory training.

  1. Study Skills Program (10 sessions)

An outstanding program for students  who wants to improve by learning the real secrets of doing well in exams.

For Whom:  Secondary/JC/Poly students


–          Learn when, where and how to study effectively.
–          Improve goal setting, time management and note taking skills
–          Better stress management and concentration skills
–          Superior exam strategies without  exam anxiety

  1. Accelerated Maths Program – Get Ahead in Maths Now

This Maths program, possibly the best program in the market, helps students to cope easily even with difficult topics.   It includes concept explanations, step by step problem solving, weak Maths students will improve very much, and good students will become excellent students of Maths.

For whom:  Primary, Secondary Students/JC/Poly


–          Accelerated progress for both weak and bright students
–          Customised learning approach
–          Instant checking of work and results
–          Progress Report for parents

  1. Essay Writing Program (10 sessions)

This excellent course is highly recommended for students to improve essay writing and communication skills to score better in English, General Paper, etc

For Whom

–          Secondary, JC, Polytechnic students


–          Understand essay writing techniques
–          Analysis of questions and contexts
–          Skills in editing and final drafts
–          Advanced spelling and vocabulary

Besides the above program for your   PSLE child, we also have programs for younger children as well.

  1. Getting Ready For School (Nursery ; 10 sessions and K1/K2 : 10 sessions)

This fun and highly effective program helps to prepare the nursery-going and kindergarten child for school next year.


–          Able to read, sing and count very well
–          Rapid emotional development and general knowledge
–          Professional outstanding curriculum
–          Small class size

You can contact me at Tel:67676211 or 67670420 for more details on the programs.  As an existing student, your child will enjoy very good discounts for the holiday enrichment programs.