English (P1 to P6)

This course develops the students’ ability in oral, written, reading and listening skills and their overall mastery of the language. Newcastle’s curriculum and teaching approach is specially designed to equip students with the necessary tools to enhance their linguistic capability through communication skills and creative writing as well as editing of grammar and vocabulary.

Mathematics (P1 to P6)

This course aims to develop the students’ mathematical ability in logical reasoning and problem solving skills. The study of Mathematics goes beyond numbers and its fundamental operations and the teaching approach at Newcastle will enable the lesser ability students to grasp the important concepts easier and develop confidence in solving questions for their school tests and examinations.

Science (P3 to P6)

This program focuses on the students’ ability to discover the interesting world of Science and understand the basic concepts taught according to the MOE syllabus. The subject is categorized into five separate themes namely Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Interactions and Energy. Students will also be enticed with the use of Science Kits such as Magnetism and Electricity which caters to the visual and kinesthetic learners in our centre.

Chinese (P1 to P6)

The new Chinese language curriculum aims to make language learning more enjoyable, so that the students would take Mandarin beyond the classroom. Key learning areas include listening and speaking as well as building a strong foundation in Chinese characters in lower primary and developing essay skills in upper primary. Newcastle’s curriculum and teaching approach is specially designed to ensure that each student will learn the language to the best of their abilities via a step-by-step process.