Our program focus on developing the students’ listening, speaking and early literacy skills (which includes reading and writing skills). It is through the teaching of grammar, listening skills through computer aided-learning, vocabulary and sentence structure that children develop foundational language skills. The children will also have the opportunity to learn the names and sounds of letters and words in the content of stories, rhythm or poem.


Our curriculum aims to develop the children’s self-confidence and strong foundational numeracy skills. Being numerate enables children to understand and apply mathematical concepts, skills and process effectively. Students will recognize and use the simple relationship, pattern, time, money, shape and spatial concepts. Thus, children will be able to make sense of their encounters with Mathematics in their daily lives.


The focus of language learning in pre-school years is on developing the listening and speaking skills of children which will lay the foundation of language learning in later years. Hanyu Pinyin is part of our Pre-primary Chinese curriculum. Children will also learn words in context so that they understand the meaning of the words and are able to use these words in speech and writing.