Basic Certificate In Chinese Course

Our Basic Certificate Course is offered to English educated adults who have a strong desire and interest to eventually master the Chinese language comprehensively. This is a foundation language learning program and the end-in-mind objective is to help our students to build up the language skills to be able to sit for the HANYU SHUIPING proficiency examinations organized by the Ministry of Education in Beijing.

The course will be organized in 8 modules and can be completed over a 10 months’ period. Classes will be held twice weekly and each learning session will be 2 hours. The total learning hours per module is 20 hours or 160 hours for the entire course. To ensure maximum effectiveness, our class will not have more than 10 students. To start and maintain an on-going class, our minimum requirement is 8 students.

As this is a structured learning course, students will be given homework, regular assessments, term tests, and a reading program. At the end of the course, HANLIN CENTRE will issue a Certificate of Completion to every successful student.

All our teachers are highly qualified and native PUTONGHUA speakers. We will ensure that every lesson conducted for our students are done in a very lively and interactive manner.

If upon the request of our students, we are able to organize a cultural tour to Beijing, the capital city of the Peoples’ Republic of China at the end of Module 6. The entire trip will be done in Mandarin so that students will have a real life exposure to the rich language environment in Beijing. The tour is optional and the tour fee is additional to the normal school fees.