Subjects Taught

Secondary Level

  • E. Maths and A. Maths
  • Principles Of Accounts (POA)


  • Classes are conducted in an environment conducive for learning and usually last 1.5 hours per lesson.
  • To ensure maximum benefits to students, classes are usually grouped according to their subjects & levels.
  • Maximum class size is 5 students.
  • There is also a special class with a maximum of 3 students only.

Style of Teaching

  • Responsible and committed
  • Clear & concise explanation of concepts and techniques
  • Happy to repeat & guide slower students along
  • Has a sense of humour
  • Knows when a student needs to be pushed to work harder
  • Most importantly, the ability to highlight possible style of questions in exam papers

Additional Benefits

  • More classes are conducted during the examination periods.
  • Sometimes, slower students are given extra lessons if there are suitable classes available.