Beat Procrastination With These 15 Great Tips [Infographic]

In Secondary 3, I came across a friend of mine, Joel who would stay back after school immediately to finish all his homework every day. Joel would not leave until all his homework was done. For some reason, I decided to accompany Joel in class. It dawned on me that this was exactly what I needed too. From then on, the two hours following the last bell of every day was reserved for homework. Any additional spare time, was for revision. True enough, I started handing in homework on time and my friends and teachers all noticed the change. I became more efficient and even more confident of myself just by changing that habit.


Many students face the same procrastination problem when it comes to doing work. Very few have good work habits implemented. Thus, many struggle to complete all the work given to them every day. The truth though is that procrastination is a result of our fear of action and this may be in part due to anxiety, fear of failure and negative-perfectionism, as the infographic below, courtesy of Essay.Expert suggests. Find out how to beat procrastination with these 15 great tips!

15 ways to beat procrastination