6 Youtube Channels That Will Make Your Kids Better At Science

Fancy having a world class tutor teach you? Now you can, for free!

The world’s best teachers have taken to Youtube to share their areas of expertise and knowledge. Answers to questions like, “Why is the sky blue and the sun yellow?” or “How do our brains work?” are now just a few buttons away.  Many content contributors are intellects in their own fields and some hail from top universities.

With these intellects sharing their vast knowledge and expertise, the world is literally a click away.

Here in this article, we shine the spotlight on a few treasure troves of knowledge resources and tools. These channels aim to ignite interest in its viewers towards the Sciences.

1.Veritasium, Uncovering misconceptions in Science.

Derek Muller, its founder, says the focus of his channel is “addressing counter-intuitive concepts in science, usually beginning by discussing ideas with members of the public.” True enough, many of his experiments are aimed at engaging unsuspecting bystanders.

Some of the questions the channel addresses are “What is in a candle flame?” or  “How does the earth spin?”

 2. Minute Physics, Time-lapsed hand sketching and doodling that teaches interesting concepts.

Minute Physics

The channel owner Henry Reich’s aim is simple: Get people excited about learning.

As such, his channel addresses questions and topics like : “How do modern light bulbs work?”, “Evolution vs natural selection”, “Why is the solar system flat?” and ” How to turn sound into light?”

 3. Vsauce, Quirky questions and new perspectives.

Michael Stevens from Vsauce

Michael Stevens’ questions touch base with philosophical concepts that are backed by a lot of physics, chemistry and biology. The topics covered and answers given are often enlightening and insightful.

To spark curiosity and make learning interesting, some of his questions are, to many people, quirky and eccentric.

Why do we clap? Why do we get bored? Is the 5 second rule true? What is consciousness?

Or in this case, how big can a person get?

 4. Smarter Every Day, Hands down year round Best Science Teacher Award.

Destin Sandlin

Destin Sandlin, a rocket scientist and mechanical engineer.

Find out things you never knew you never knew. Topics like “Kinematics of Grasshopper Hops”, ” The Magic of Butterfly Scales” will leave you wondering and pondering all day long. With his action-packed videos that have flame throwers and explosions, you will be sure to quench your curiosity. In one episode, he even brings you on a tour of Machu Picchu, the 15th century Inca site.

Screen Grab from Smarter Every Day Youtube Channel
Screen Grab from Smarter Every Day Youtube Channel

 5. BrainStuff, HowStuffWorks, Answering questions you have had all along.

Screen grab from Youtube
Screen grab from Youtube

Learn how everything works is its motto and rightfully so. Almost any question you might have on how something works can be found here. Almost every student will refer to this at one point or another for a project or two.

Why do we need oxygen to survive? How could a laser pointer take down a plane? Surprisingly fuel- efficient sports cars. Where do bullets go when fired into the air?

 6. Khan Academy, You can learn anything for free.

khan 1

Khan Academy has got to be the indisputable leader in open source learning. What started out as a simple project to help his cousin has led its creator, Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, to kickstart a whole online education empire that has sponsors in the likes of Bill Gates and more. It also set in motion a movement for open source learning on the Internet back in its earlier days in late 2000s.

They have most certainly lived up to their mission to unlock the world’s potential.

Their teaching approach touches on the fundamentals of almost every subject taught in mainstream school.

With education sites like that, education becomes almost completely free in our digital age.

khan 2

The channel itself contains thousands of videos that are grouped into playlists based on subjects.

Chemistry, Biology and Physics are all covered in great detail. You will learn Taxonomy and the Tree of Life, Anatomy of a Neuron, Introduction to Momentum, Solubility, Le Chatelier’s Principle and much more.

The channel is indeed holistic and could be a huge game changer when it comes to bringing education to the poor and uneducated. Or it could help in your kid’s homework in understanding concepts.

Now, learn from the very best around the world. What are you waiting for? Did we miss any in this list? Share it with us in the comments below.